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Relief for Innovative Startup Endurance
Relief for innovative startup endurance award

COVID-19 Startup Assistance

Small Innovation Companies are hurting and we hear you. In an effort to do our part with COVID-19 startup relief, we’re proud to announce the award of a free patent for a selected small business or inventor.

COVID-19’s impact on our lives, health, and economy has been profound. Few businesses are safe from its reach, and the startup sector has been particularly hit hard. As a startup that caters to startups, we have tremendous empathy for the hardships you’re all enduring to weather this once in a multi-generation storm. Present demands on small businesses and inventors are simply without precedent.

How to do the impossible? Expand your runway, they say. Stretch your 6 month cash reserves to 12 or 18, they say. Ruthlessly prioritize, they say. We’ve given similar advice. But how? And at what sacrificial cost to future selves? 🤯 Easier said than done. We might not have all the answers, but we’re going to do everything in our reach to assist with one.

How we can help. Through these challenging times, we know that so many of you are making courageous sacrifices to preserve employee well-being while keeping the lights on. Consistent with our mission to support emerging growth companies, we feel that such sacrifices should not include the loss of hard-fought R&D efforts. In an effort to assist with COVID-19 startup relief, we are proud to announce the RISE Award. The award offers a free provisional U.S. patent application or $5,000 towards a non-provisional U.S. patent application to a selected applicant. We hope that this award can help provide stability and encouragement to diligent innovators.​

We are proud to announce the RISE Award, which offers a free provisional U.S. patent application or $5,000 towards a non-provisional U.S. patent application

Inclusive eligibility. We already know you’ve been hit by this tsunami, so the only requirement is having an impactful innovation that you’d like to share with the world. We’re also not limiting to a subset of zip codes; innovation isn’t bound by geography (we’re looking at you, Facebook).

What are you waiting for? Your time is precious, so we’ve made the application process as simple as possible. Head on over to our sister site to learn more and apply. 🚀 We can’t wait to hear from you. And in the meantime, stay safe, stay strong, stay healthy – and as always, let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. ✌🏼

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