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Welcome aboard mat on dock

After a couple of decades doing the corporate and startup grind, I am officially embarking on a new journey into the wild world of executive tech consulting and indie development.

This journey will hopefully take me (us!) to many diverse places and immerse in just as many diverse topics. I expect areas of focus to include software development, business of tech, leadership, work from home life, emerging technologies, and STEM parenting.

  • 🍪 Delicious recipes: Much of what I will be focused on and bread-crumbing in the near-term will be in-the-trenches software development that will surely traverse stacks, platforms, and disciplines including mobile, macOS, web frontend, web backend, and dev ops – some of which will be newer than others to me, so expect a wide array of both expert and beginner takes.
  • 📊 On the business of tech front, I’ll get into things like formation, funding, market sizing, market-fit, and pitching. My partner in crime will surely cover intellectual property matters.
  • 🧗🏽‍♀️ For leadership and management (yes, they’re different), we’ll dive into things like hiring, onboarding, development, motivation, conflict resolution, and communication.
  • 🏡 Workforce 2.0: As someone who has spent the past seven years working in, leading, and building distributed teams, I’d love to share observations on what has and hasn’t worked so far in the WFH, Workforce 2.0 movement.
  • 🤖 The evolution of tech has us on the edges of our seats. Since a significant part of my career has been spent riding the mobile revolution wave, a constant question of mine has been, “What’s the next big thing?” In attempting to answer that, I will document my explorations and experiments in emerging technologies like drones, VR, blockchain, machine learning, and possibly even how they can intersect.
  • 🚼 STEM parenting has never been more exciting. I am now the proud parent of two wonderful children, who will be given every advantage possible to help set them up for success in tomorrow’s economy. I’ll share toys, books, resources, and demonstrations as we tackle them.

Intended audience. I will be writing with folks in the following groups in mind. If you don’t fall into one of these camps and you’ve found this blog to be useful, please shout out and tell me more!

  • Developers and other IT professionals
  • Technology leaders
  • Founders and potential founders
  • Parents who want to introduce their kids to more STEM learning opportunities
  • Those who are currently or would like to start working from home

My goals in doing this are simple:

  • Shorten and clear paths for others
  • Refine my own communication skills
  • Give back in any way I can to a community that has been so kind and generous throughout my career

One more thing: Feedback is a wonderful gift. Please don’t hesitate to reach out along the way.

Onward and upward! 🚀


Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse universe of sources, including but not limited to, software development, management, business matters, work from home life, emerging tech, and STEM parenting.

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About the Author

Josh Sloat is the co-founder of Aurora Consulting. He lives and works remotely from Northern Michigan. Josh has been developing software and leading cross-disciplinary teams for the past two decades, with broad-ranging experience in mobile, web and desktop technologies. When he’s not solving first-world tech problems, he spends his time as a domestic engineer (loving father and husband), avid backcountry adventurer, and aspiring landscape photographer.