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Because we’ve been there. The web is full of great content, but it’s oftentimes too fragmented when you’re just trying to get started. To help make the Internet a better place for new learners, we publish free, highly-curated, tech getting started guides that feature zero to hero deep dives into things like remote work life, emerging tech, and software development.

Remote Toolkit – a guide to working from home

Remote Toolkit – A Guide to Working from Home

For the past seven years, I’ve lived remote work life as an individual contributor, senior executive, co-founder, spouse, and parent. Our guide to working from home distills lessons learned (many, the hard way) into a comprehensive resource for all those who may suddenly find themselves in a strange new land. Contained within are essential tips that will hep you:

  • 📴 Create boundaries
  • 🌎 Tailor your work environment
  • 🚶🏼‍♀️ Focus on physical and mental health.
  • 👖 Establish a routine
  • ❤️ Flex your empathy muscles
  •  Embrace flexibility
  • 🛠 Use the tech tools
getting started with AWS

AWS from 30,000 ft

The single, curated AWS overview that I wished I had when getting started with cloud computing and Amazon Web Services, created for developers, managers, and executives looking to get a more holistic understanding of how all of this tremendous power and flexibility fits together. We’ll cover the essentials:

  • ⌨️ Access via CLI, SDK, and console
  • 🌎 Geography of availability zones and regions
  • 🧮 Computing options with EC2 and serverless Lambda
  • 💾 File storage options with EBS, EFS, S3, and Glacier
  • 🔑 Database service options with RDS, Aurora, and DynamoDB
  • 💬 Networking concerns like VPCs and Route 53
  • ⚡️Caching via ElasticCache and CloudFront
  • 📈 Scaling and load balancing with auto scaling and ELBs
  • 👀 Monitoring with CloudWatch
  • 🤖 Automated CloudFormation for software-based provisioning
  • 🐳 Container orchestration with ECS, ECR, EKS, and Fargate
  • 👮🏼‍♀️ Security models, IAM, and tools
  • 💵 Pricing models
  • 📋 Certification paths